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Talend Online Training

Talend is an ETL Tool. It is a Data Integration platform integrates with Big Data and Cloud Systems. Easy & fast accessible software platform by its good integration with multiple data sources like: SAP, Microsoft, Teradata, IBM, Oracle and also supports cloud systems integration like: Amazon AWS, Salesforce, Successfactors, Workday and etc.

Talend is used to analyze organization’s data and then it gives detailed business insights. and it connects all the data sources together then it shows the best business decision making solution. Talend is the leader of big data & cloud integration.

Data Integration (DI)
Course Agenda
Start Talend Open Studio
Create a Job
Read Input
Transform Data
Run a Job
Combine Columns
Build a Business Model
Duplicate a Job
Create Metadata
Create a Join
Capture Join Failures
Correct the Lookup
Update the Business Model
Generate Rows
Create the Join
Add Constraints
Replicate Output
Use Context Variables
Use Repository Context Variables
Handle Errors
Work with Databases
Create a New Project
Create Customer Metadata
Create the Tables
Join the Data
Finalize the Job
Work with Web Services
Access a Web Service
Use Advanced WSDL Process
Document the Job
Run Jobs Standalone
Export a Job
After completing this class, you will be able to:
Start Talend Open Studio for Data Integration
Create a Talend project to contain tasks
Create a Talend Job to perform a specific task
Add and configure components to handle data input, data transformation, and data output
Run a Talend Job and examine the results
Build a visual model of a Talend Job or project
Copy an existing Job as the basis for a new Job
Store configuration information centrally for use in multiple components
Extend data from one source with data extracted from a second source
Log data rows in the console rather than storing them
Troubleshoot a join by examining failed lookups
Use components to filter data
Generate sample data rows
Execute Job sections conditionally
Duplicate output flows
Create a schema for use in multiple components
Create variables for component configuration parameters
Run a Job to access specific values for the variables
Employ mechanisms to kill a Job under specific circumstances
Include Job elements that change the behaviour based on the success or failure of individual components or sub jobs
Connect to a database from a Talend Job
Use a component to create a database table
Write to and read from a database table from a Talend Job
Filter unique data rows
Perform aggregate calculations on rows
Write data to an XML file from a Talend Job
Use components to create an archive and delete files
Use a Talend component to access a Web Service
Extract specific elements from a Web Service reply
Store Web Service access information for use in multiple Jobs
Write an XML document to a file
Add comments to document a Job and its components
Generate HTML documentation for a Job
Export a Job
Run an exported Job independently of Talend Open Studio
Create a new version of an existing Job