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Day 1

What is Software development life cycle?
Phases of SDLC
Models of SDLC-Waterfall, Agile and Agile Scrum
What is the difference between Waterfall and Agile?
Advantages of using Agile Over Waterfall
Agile Scrum
User story, Story Points, Product backlog, Sprint backlog, Roles and responsibility of a scrum master and Product owner
Meetings conducted in Agile Scrum

Day 2

Types of Testing
Static Testing/Dynamic Testing
Regression/ Retesting
Usability/ accessibility
Smoke / Sanity testing
Unit Testing/ Integration Testing/ System Testing
UAT – Alpha Testing /Beta Testing
White Box/Black box testing
Functional/Non-functional Testing
Performance Testing
Load Testing
Stress Testing
Endurance Testing

Day 3

Understanding requirements
Writing Test Cases
What is a Test Case
Format of a Test Case
Review of Test Case
Execution of Test case
Creating Test data
Equivalence partitioning
Boundary value analysis

Day 4

STLC(Software Testing Life cycle)
Test Planning
Test Plan
What is a test Plan
Who creates a Test Plan
When is the Test Plan created
Purpose of creating a Test Plan
Components of a Test plan.
Test design
Test implementation and Execution
Defect Reporting and tracking
Defect life cycle
Test closures
Test metrics

Day 5

What is Automation Testing?
Why Automation Testing is in Demand?
Tools available for Automation
Selenium History, Version and Flavors Available in market
Selenium Features, Limitation and Comparison with others tool
Java, Eclipse, Selenium Download and Installation

Day 6

selenium Project Creation
Create first Selenium Script
Browser Open and Close commands
Browser Navigation command
Working with Firefox Browser
Working with Chrome Browser
Working with IE Browser

Day 7

Install Firebug, Fire path and other add on for Selenium
Different locator for Selenium
Working with Textbox, password fields.
Working with radio button, checkbox
Handle dropdowns
How to work with file uploader.

Day 8

Selenium Introduction
Selenium History
Selenium Architecture
Installation of Java, Eclipse and Selenium Jars download.
Configure of selenium jars into eclipse

Day 9

Quality Center | HP ALM Test Management Tool
What is QC (Quality Center) / HP Application Life Cycle Management
Why use QC (QualityCenter) / HP Application Life Cycle Management
Modules of QC (QualityCenter) / HP Application Life Cycle Management
Write requirements in QC (QualityCenter) / HP Application Life Cycle Management
Write test Cases in QC (QualityCenter) / HP Application Life Cycle Management
Traceability in QC (QualityCenter) / HP Application Life Cycle Management
log defects in QC (QualityCenter) / HP Application Life Cycle Management
Associate a defect with the Test Cases in QC? (Quality Center) / HP Application Life Cycle Management

Day 10

Brush up basic Java Concepts
Advance ways of locating Webelement/Objects
Writing Customized Xpath and CSS selector
Tips and Tricks for interview

Day 11

Technique to automate web UI
Handling dropdown/Select Element
Handling Checkboxes, radiobuttons
Handling Javascript Alert
Webelement Validation techniques
Interview Questions

Day 12

Technique to automate advance web UI
Handling ajax/mouse interaction
Handling Window/Multiple Window
Handling Frames
Real time excersises
Practical problem and Method to handle with selenium

Day 13

What is TestNG
Need of TestNG
Report generation by TestNG
Grouping of Test Case
Set priority for Test case
Annotation of TestNG
Dependency in TestNG
Assert in TestNG

Day 14

Concepts of Framework
Introduction to framework
About framework
Use of framework
Different types of frameworks
Different types of packages in framework

Day 15

Web services Testing:
SOAP UI project
Rest Project
End to end scenario for web services testing

Day 16

Revision and Question and Answers – Preparation for the Market