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AngularJS Training

Growing with the advancements and need fulfilment of the IT sector demands, AngularJS has emerged as a pretty higher demanded course for the industry experts. QEdge takes the opportunity to offer a well classified course curriculum in AngularJS Training. Here we have stepped up towards teaching the aspirants on how to make the optimal use of AngularJS for facilitating the creation and development of a single-page web application making use of the Model-View-Controller (MVC) design pattern.

We offer the latest AngularJS version while undergoing the training and course. Along with this, one has to undergo a practical Angular 2  training sessions as a part of the course completion.

We have an advanced level batch of expert training and mentoring procedures carried by our respective tutoring staff. With this we have successfully emerged as the most popular AngularJS Training Institute in Ameerpet, along with our success holdings as QEdge Tech, Hyderabad, as well that has transformed as one of the prominent promising institute for AngularJS training in Hyderabad.

Course Objectives

After the completion of this Angular JS course structure one becomes a well trained professional, capable of understanding the following-

  • Understanding the introduction to Client Side Scripting Languages.
  • Work with JS Arrays and JSON Object.
  • Have the basics of JavaScript and jQuery and understand the difference between Angular and Other JQuery Frameworks – Knockout, Backbone, Ember & Node.
  • Install, configure and structure the AngularJS application.
  • Develop the AngularJS architecture using the various elements such as- ng-app, ng-class, ng-repeat.
  • Understand the different workability concerns of the various building blocks of AngularJS.
  • Understand the use and implement Filters syntax and expression.
  • Understanding the Directives link Syntax.
  • Learn how to communicate with the server using $http and other relative commands and resources.
  • Build localisation based syntax and its use.
  • Learn how to test the Angular applications using Jasmine and Karma.


Introduction to JavaScript
  • Introduction about JavaScript, Steps to work with JS Programming
  • Examples to work with JS Arrays and JSON Object.
  • Object-Oriented Programming in JavaScript.
  • Java Script Pre-Defined Functions
Introduction to AngularJS
  • Difference between Angular and Other JQuery Frameworks – Knockout, Backbone, Ember & Node
  • Advantages of Angular
  • DOM Elements
Angular Setup
  • Installing AngularJS
  • Configuration of AngularJS
  • Structure of an AngularJS Application
Angular Architecture
  • Creating Boundaries using ng-app
  • Data Binding – one way binding and two way binding
  • Repeating elements using ng-repeat
  • Using Expressions and ng-class
  • Using Controllers
  • Adapting to model changes
AngularJS Building Blocks
  • View Component
  • Angular JS Scopes
  • Controller Component
  • Directives
  • Filters
  • Services
Using Filters
  • Understanding Filters syntax and expression
  • Building your own custom Filters
  • Services Syntax
  • Understanding Services Injecting Concepts
  • Understanding Directives Syntax
  • Directive Definition Object for your custom defined syntax
  • How to link directives
  • Components Creation
Understanding Server Communication
  • Communicating through $http
  • PUT
  • POST
  • GET
  • JSON Conversion
  • Understanding Http Headers
  • Understanding Caching Responses
  • Request and Response Transformation
  • Using RESTFUL Resources
Angular Localization
  • Building Syntax using Localization
  • Creating JSON File for Localization
Testing your Angular Application
  • Testing using Jasmine & Testing using Karma


Anyone looking for a transformed career to emerge as an expert Scripting Expert can take up this course. AngularJS is perfect ad-on training for the beginners and expert professionals. Anyone holding a technical graduation degree, a student or even a working professional who want to make their career in the relative field can undergo this training. Also, individuals with basic fundamental knowledge of the Object Oriented Programming tools can opt for this course module.